Our Mission

We work for solving the cyber security problems and try to connect people with artificial intelligence.

As Mendax Software, we offer free website security scan for your website. Also we offer penetration tests, applications, operating system, SEO, backlink and Alexa rank services.

As Ai Exploration, our main purpose is to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. We research and develop new ai algorithms.

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We believe that cyber security and artificial intelligence will have a wide social impact and we strive to be a pioneer in our services in areas that are directly aligned with our mission and expertise. We code for the future!

Your Penetration Test Results

• Real world results of simulated cyber attacks in a safe and controlled environment.

• Special recommendations to strengthen your current system and change your security mentality.

• Detailed information and security training to your security team and other employees.


Find the service that you desire and improve your website!

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